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Daily Class Schedule

Class PeriodTimeA DayB Day
1st / 6th
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Wind Ensemble  - Varsity
Wind Ensemble  - Varsity
2nd / 7th10:05 AM - 11:35 AM
Symphonic Band  - Non Varsity
Symphonic Band  - Non Varsity
3rd / 8th11:40 AM - 1:45 PM
Conference / Lunch
Conference / Lunch
4th / 9th1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Concert Band - Sub Non Varsity
Concert Band - Sub Non Varsity
5th / 10th2:35 PM - 4:05 PM
Battery / Guard
Battery / Front Ensemble

Listen to our 2019 Marching Show entitled "Power and Grace" by clicking the play button!  



Discipline   ~   Honor   ~   Integrity   ~   Commitment

Contest Day Agenda for Saturday, October 19th 2019:

1. TALL Black Sox and Marching Shoes
2. Dry fit red shirt and black shorts
3. Water Jug – must be left on the bus
4. Uniform plan / with hat box – must be left on the bus

5:30 am: Arrive to Porter HS with a competition mindset – ready for success.
5:45 am: Warm up / run through rehearsal begins promptly at 5:45 am.

Remember that UIL allows up to one hour of “warm up” / “run through” rehearsal outside of the usual 8 hours per calendar week for practice.

6:15 am: Rehearsal is dismissed
Pack up and load trailer - Eat – Dress
6:30 am: Roll Check - seated in Concert Arc in band hall for roll check
6:45 am: Buses leave for Galena Park ISD Stadium
7:45 am: Arrive at Galena Park ISD Athletic Stadium.

Unload buses, line up in concert arc order – leave everything on buses that you won’t need to have on the field for marching the show – there is no place for leaving things.  We will need to be mobile the entire time.

8:45 am: Porter HS band official “warm up” begins in outside location
9:15 am: Porter HS band travels to competition start gate
9:25 am: Porter HS band at start gate ready to enter stadium for performance
9:30 am: Porter HS band performs at UIL Region 33 marching contest
9:40 am: Porter HS band travels to buses (guard, battery and front ensemble load trailer)
10:15 am: Porter Band departs GPISD
10:45 am: Porter HS band arrives PHS – unload – leave band hall clean and ready for class Monday

EVERYONE HELPS – no one leaves until everyone has helped with equipment.
Uniforms left half zipped in bags on lockers to vent and dry.
Hats returned to uniform room.

22625 Sandy Lane, Porter TX  77365   |   281-577-5900 x5720