2021 TMEA 5A Region 33 Band Results

UIL 5A Area Marching Finalists

2015, 2017, 2019, 2021

UIL 5A Area Marching Champions


Texas UIL 5A State Marching Championships Participants

2017, 2019, 2021

Area Qualifiers

Mya Lauer - 1st Chair Piccolo (Area)

David Nunez - 2nd Chair Oboe (Area)

Melanie Easley - 1st Chair English Horn (Area)

Lucero Segovia - 1st Chair Eb Clarinet (Area)

Deanna Harvey - 2nd Chair Bb Clarinet (Area)

Abigail Almanza - 1st Chair Bass Clarinet (Area)

Jadon Duran - 1st Chair Contra Bb Clarinet (Area)

Brandon Kusaj - 1st Chair Alto Saxophone (Area)

Matthew Gutierrez - 1st Chair Tenor Saxophone (Area)

Michael Douglas - 1st Chair Bari Saxophone (Area)

Caleb Knous - 1st Chair Trumpet (Area)

Connor West - 3rd Chair Trumpet (Area)

Andy Marquez - 5th Chair Trumpet (Area)

Jared Hardy - 2nd Chair Tenor Trombone (Area)

Sergio Palacios - 1st Chair Euphonium (Area)

Irving Tapia - 1st Chair Tuba (Area)

Matthew Bullock - 1st Chair Percussion (Area)

Willie Rollins - 2nd Chair Percussion (Area)

Region Qualifiers

Mariana Barbosa- 7th Chair Flute (Region)
Kevin Martinez - 7th Chair Bb Clarinet (Region)
Michael Robbins - 9th Chair Bb Clarinet (Region)
Andrew Gold - 6th Chair Trumpet (Region)
Kaylea Fisher - 8th Chair Trumpet (Region)
Harrison Herndon - 3rd Chair Percussion (Region)

Nathan Navaira - 6th Chair Percussion (Region)

District Qualifiers

Elizabeth Ambros - 9th Chair Flute (District)

Suseela Hernandez - 10th Chair Flute (District)
Ingrid Guerrero - 14th Chair Bb Clarinet (District)
Noah Mabry - 9th Chair Trumpet (District)
Erick Soto - 10th Chair Trumpet (District)
Jose Soto - 11th Chair Trumpet (District)
Justin Braughton - 6th Chair French Horn (District)
Marisol Rosales-Vargas - 7th Chair French Horn (District)
Leonel De La Garza - 5th Chair Tenor Trombone (District)
Noah Hawver - 3rd Chair Euphonium (District)
Timothy Simer - 4th Chair Tuba (District)
Nathaniel Navaira - 7th Chair Percussion (District)

Freshman Region Qualifiers

Kala Dimalanta - 4th Chair Flute

Emma Hardin - 7th Chair Clarinet

Arianna Dupuis - 2nd Chair Alto Sax

Alexa Taylor - 1st Chair Bari Sax

Haley Collier - 1st Chair French Horn

Felipe Serrano - 5th Chair Percussion

Chloe San Antonio - 6th Chair Percussion

Daily Class Schedule

Class Period

TimeA DayB Day
1st / 6th
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Wind Ensemble  - Varsity
Wind Ensemble  - Varsity
2nd / 7th10:05 AM - 11:35 AM
Symphonic Band  - Non Varsity
Symphonic Band  - Non Varsity
3rd / 8th11:40 AM - 1:45 PM
Conference / Lunch
Conference / Lunch
4th / 9th1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Concert Band - Sub Non Varsity
Concert Band - Sub Non Varsity
5th / 10th2:35 PM - 4:05 PM
Battery / Guard
Battery / Front Ensemble



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