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It has been a pleasure to see your progress through the years as a middle school band student. On behalf of the band directors and all of us here at Porter HS, we all are so excited that you are with us next year! Your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed. You’ve proven your commitment and dedication to music and your instrument - now, it’s time for you to take the next step!

We’d like to officially welcome you to our high school band family!
There are many things that the band has to offer our music students next year! On top of an exciting Friday night football game show, the band has many opportunities to perform at contests, public performances, parades, and many other fun events. Because we get to start rehearsals a little earlier than most other organizations, the band students make a bunch of new friends early so that they won’t feel out of place in the big new school.

Our band is kinda good...
In fact, the marching band constantly receives straight one ratings and advances to area contest - in 2017, they placed 4th out of 38 bands, advancing to the UIL State Marching Championships for the first time in PHS history!  It was a major accomplishment for the kids and a huge turning point for our band program. The PHS Band is in the top 10% of the 257 5A programs in the state of Texas! We consistently receive 1st Division Concert and Sight-reading concert band ratings, and our color guard, indoor percussion group, and jazz band have all earned state medals in their competitions. We’ve had TMEA All-Region, All-Area, and All-State students, and we have a large number of students attending Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest at University of Texas Austin.

You are now a member of a coveted group of great musicians who work hard, have fun, and create awesome memories that last a lifetime!

We like to travel!
In the Porter HS band, you’ll be traveling with us to all football games and competitions. You will get to see all kinds of great places in the State of Texas!   Every other year, our high school band plans a major trip. In fact, we just took a trip to New York City, and a few years ago, we took a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida to perform for Festival Disney. We do it big at Porter High School - our kids have a blast! You will get to experience a big band trip soon! 

Okay, so you have questions.... 

Q: I can’t wait!! When do I start?!
A: Freshman camp starts at the end of July. You will report to the band hall on that Monday and we start our high school band camps then. We will teach you everything you need to know at freshman camp. You’ll bring your instrument and some comfortable summer clothing (tennis shoes are required - marching in flip-flops is not a good idea). You can find the camp schedule here on the website under the Calendar. 

Q: Can I do both athletics and band?
A: ABSOLUTELY! In fact, we have quite a few students who are involved in our tremendous athletic programs who are are also in band (you remember a few from last year who were 8th graders just like you). We strongly encourage all of our students to be involved in as many things as possible so that they can have a wonderful high school experience. (also helps out those college applications... hint hint to the mom’s and dad’s). We will work with your coaches and counselors to collaborate on a schedule that works best for you.

Q: Okay, so like, if I’m playing football/volleyball, won’t that conflict with Friday night games?
A: We have band students in our program who are also excellent football players and a part of our awesome band program (you will remember some of your former friends from last year). We work really well with our athletic director and our counselors at the high school – we can work all scheduling details out once you are here. The volleyball team plays games during the Friday night games, so we would just have to work out a schedule that works for everyone.

Q: Marching and playing an instrument? That sounds scary…
A: Actually, it’s really easy! You’ll come to freshman camp during July where we teach you how to march and play in just a few days.
Our leadership team and directors will teach you how to march and play an instrument at the same time! And even for our students with disabilities, we always create a solution to where anyone can participate in this great organization.

Q: Does it cost money to be in band?   [or]   I can’t be in band because I can’t afford it.
A: So that we can outfit you with a uniform, shirts, shorts, flip folders, water jugs, marching shoes, and all of the supplies that you’ll need to be awesome, it does cost some money to be a part of the band program.  Our fees for high school band are one of the lowest fees of any program at the high school.

***We’ve never turned away a music student because of financial hardship. If you have any trouble paying for supplies, your awesome band directors will work with you on that.

A lot of the cost is a one-time thing at the beginning. As you continue in the program, you won’t have to pay for the same things over again (flip folders, water jugs, etc).
We create payment plans to help out parents and students.

We are thrilled that you will be with us next year! We are truly looking forward to having a very successful, fun, and memorable new year in the band program.