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Auditions and Band Placement Guidlines
The Directors will listen to auditions for current PHS students during band classes near the end of the Spring Semester.  For incoming 8th graders, we will travel to the MIddle School campuses to hear each student. 

If you are at a different campus please email us for an audition. 

What to Play:

Please start by preparing the following: 

Major Scales on p. 42 of Foundations book

(Do your best.  We want to hear what you can do.  Full Range Scales are pretty important if you are trying to make the top band)

Prepared Piece:

Students will be given an excerpt of a piece to perform so that everyone is playing the same music for auditions.  Typically, selections are from Region Etudes or a similar source.  

Everyone makes the Marching Band!

The audition is to determine band placement for our class periods, since we have such a large band and we must split them up in classes. During the course of the August Marching camp, a marching evaluation will also take place - so attendance is highly encouraged especially if pursuing a Starter Position.!

Guidelines For PHS Band Placement

The placement of student musicians will be determined by the band directors.  This process will be based upon several factors:

1)   Pass Your Classes - State Guidelines are very strict about "No Pass - No Play".  Because of this rule, we must be very careful when selecting students for our ensembles to make sure we are filling the top ensembles with students who will be able to perform with us at contest.  Students with problems passing all classes consistently may need to spend some time in a less competitive class until their academic standing improves.  

2)   Attendance – We can't be successful when we don't have great attendance at EVERY rehearsal.  Because of this philosophy, if you are someone that consistently has problems with rides, attendance, tardies, etc.  we may need to consider having you placed in a lower ensemble that does not have the same attendance requirements outside of the school day.  The Varsity and Non Varsity setting is for students that not only Pass their Classes and have great attendance, but can also demonstrate a high Musical Proficiency on their instrument.  

Note:  Attendance could affected by other school activities, and we think it is great for you to be in multiple activities, but in fairness to the other students in the class we need to make sure that each student in the top two classes will be able to attend all required rehearsals.  

3)   Musical Proficiency – Provided that you are someone that can Pass Your Classes and are able to attend required rehearsals, then we will place you in an ensemble that suits your ability!  Typically, most PHS Band Students do not have issues with criteria 1 and 2 listed above, so being great on your instrument is usually the best way to ensure that you will earn a spot in one of our top ensembles.   However, if you are still struggling a bit on your instrument, we have some great ensembles that will work for you as well!  There is always the rare occasions where someone could be a truly great musician on their instrument but just struggles with grades or attendance, and in this case, we would need to look at a less competitive situation to ensure that every student is being successful in every class!  
Instrumentation – The integrity of balanced instrumentation is paramount for maximizing the musical potential of an ensemble. It will be the sole responsibility of the director to maintain a balanced instrumentation based upon current resources.

60% Daily Routine (Rehearsals; Equipment; Music Memory; Down the Line Playoffs; Scale Playoffs etc…) and Participation (Attendance and Extra and Co-Curricular activities as guided by TEA; Rehearsal and Sectional Attendance)

40% Major Performances (Required: Marching Contest; Football Games; Region Band; Solo & Ensemble; Concerts; UIL C & SR etc…)

Refer to the NCISD handbook in terms of further grading information on high school band for students.